The Rainbabies
Illustrator: Jim LaMarche
Publisher: HarperCollins
Suggested age range: 4-8
ISBN 0688107559


In the magic of a moon shower, a childless couple finds a dozen tiny babies no larger than your big toe. Even the tiniest babies can bring big adventures, though, and these little ones seem to find trouble as easily as bees find flowers. But the couple's love never waivers and in the end they are rewarded with their hearts' desire. Written in folktale tradition, with astonishing paintings by Jim LaMarche.

“While ‘The Rainbabies’ resonates for adult readers…it just plainly delights children. The tiny rainbabies are irresistible, the dangers they encounter just scary enough. And it is beautiful enough to withstand many readings, the ultimate test of any child’s picture book.”
New York Times Book Review

A New York Times bestseller

Association of Booksellers for Children Award

Graphics Prize, Bologna Book Fair

Starred review, Publisher’s Weekly


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