One of the best things about being an author is the opportunity to meet children at their schools. I will visit your school to discuss the writing process through presentations appropriate to various grade levels, in up to four sessions per day. Or as Author-in-Residence, I can spend a week or more at your school teaching writing workshops. I am also available to teach workshops for adults on the craft of writing for children, and to speak to adult groups about my work.


To order from HarperCollins, call 1-800-242-7737.

To order from Beach Lane Books (Simon and Schuster), call 1-800-203-2336.

To order from Sky Pony Books (Simon and Schuster), call 1-800-223-2336.

Jubilee JumpStart

An Open Book Foundation made my visit possible and gave every child a book to keep. The center asked me to wear their alphabet cap and gown as an honored guest!
(Photos by An Open Book Foundation)

St. Andrew's Episcopal School

The lower school librarian at St. Andrew's Episcopal School in Potomac, MD commented on my day spent as Author in Residence with grades pre-K through 5:

"We thoroughly enjoyed having you visit. It was terrific to see the way you were able to adapt your workshops to meet the abilities of each age group. From your grab bag of stuffed animals, to your reading of Rainbabies, to the guessing game with Capital!, to your poetry workshop with the Intermediate School students, each workshop was perfect for the targeted age group. What fun it was to be a part of that!"

Leckie Elementary School

My second visit to a DC area elementary school with the wonderful Open Book foundation was at Leckie elementary school in Southeast Washington. An Open Book always donates a full collection of the books by their visiting authors or illustrators to the school library. In addition, each child gets a book to keep.

Beverly Farms Elementary

Laura Melmed Potomac Almanac 2014
Here I am on the cover of Potomac Almanac following my visit to Beverly Farms Elementary School, where I met with more than 600 children, grades K-5 in seven groups. The students were engaged and enthusiastic. After my visit, the Cultural Arts Coordinator of the PTA wrote, "We loved the way you tailored your presentation to the particular grade. The students seemed very inspired by you!"

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Whittier Education Campus

Whittier Education C Whittier Education Campus
Whittier Education Campus Whittier Education Campus

Just before the Thanksgiving holiday, I presented This First Thanksgiving Day to first and second graders at Whittier Education Campus. My visit was sponsored by An Open Book Foundation, which provides a book for each child to take home. An Open Book's facebook page explains:

"Laura Krauss Melmed brought the story of Thanksgiving to life for first and second graders at Whittier Education Campus. During the animated reading of her book, "This First Thanksgiving Day" students eagerly engaged in finding all of the hidden animals. Following the interactive reading session, Laura discussed the importance of action words and led the students in a writing exercise involving the animals they discovered in her book.

These classrooms visits were especially meaningful because Laura has been a long time volunteer at Whittier Education Campus and it was fun to see the teachers and students responding to her beautiful books. Students couldn't wait to open their signed copies so they could continue hunting for the hidden animals. It's nice to know that Whittier families will be enjoying a special Thanksgiving book together this year."

National Presbyterian School

“The children loved your stories and most of all they loved meeting you. As one of our teachers said, ‘It was like having a rock star come to visit.’ You were a hit with all age groups…I was struck by the rich language and vivid imagery found in all the poems…We will always have a special place in our hearts for Laura Melmed.”
Lee Koch, Reading Specialist

Spring Poem

Loosen the swagger of rain.
Loosen the emerald green chickadees.
Loosen the daffodils and the tulips.
Let the sunset bloom.
Unleash the ice cream trucks.
Unleash the sleeping bears and chipmunks.
Happy Birthday to spring!

This third grade shared poem was written by the children in my workshop, “Poems with Wings,” which focuses on finding fresh, rich ways of using language to create poetry that rises to new heights!


In my workshop,Journey to a Magic Land,” the goal for first and second graders was to write a shared story that had a well-defined beginning and end, bracketing a series of exciting adventures. Click here, to read “Adventure into Wonderworld,” an illustrated story created by Mrs. Griffenhagen’s first graders.

Concord Hill School

"Your next fairy tale can be about the students and faculty of Concord Hill School, because we all were completely enchanted by you on Friday! One teacher who has been here for almost thirty years said your visit was the best school-wide event we ever have had!"
— Nan Stifel, Librarian, Concord Hill School


My presentations are hands-on and lively! Please choose one of the following formats for my visit to your school:

From Light Bulb to Book
Grades K-4
Up to 60 children per workshop
About 45 minutes

This presentation tailored to grade level describes the creation of a picture book from the birth of an idea through writing, illustrating, and revision to completion. I’ll bring original (messy) manuscript pages, artist's sketches, editor's comments, revisions, galleys, and proofs. For nonfiction books we’ll discuss the research process. Along the way, props, puppets and guessing games will invite participation.


Poems with Wings
Grades 3-5
Up to 30 children per workshop
50-60 minutes

This writing workshop uses group brainstorming and creative imaging to help children give voice to the poetry within them.


Let’s Start From the Very Beginning
Grades K-2
One primary class per workshop
About 40 minutes

Even the youngest author can keep a reader or listener wondering what happens next. Through vivid examples and plumbing the wellspring of their own imaginations, children will learn how to structure a story with a beginning, middle and end. We’ll finish by putting our heads together to create a story of our own.


I will share with your group of parents and/or teachers my perspective on the writing life and the creative process.



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